The Brahmaputra

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Cover – Koliabhomora Setu by Kangkan Hazarika via Wikicommons

I flow untamed, undeterred,
My silver waves scattered with parijat
And ashes of the dead.
A man comes exploring
The secrets in my depth,
He worships me
When I quench his desolated fields
And curses me
When I uproot civilisation on my way.

I am ancient, raising Majuli
And culture of the indigenous,
I have witnessed the battle of Saraighat,
I have drowned histories and many a heroic soul
And now I endure the torments
As they try to choke me
With grease and plastic and rubble
And poison the children harboured in my bosom.
Yet, I flow, tarred and determined.

As the setting scarlet sun casts an iridescent glow
On the horizon;
A lone kingfisher flies above me,
A host of sparrows return home
To the cliffs of the venerable temple,
A hapless lad rows his sorrows
Through my arms
And a young dreamy girl sits on my banks
Wondering if I can bring the distant fables
Of cherished cities and fragrant lanes,
Or perhaps seeking refuge from all the horror
That mankind is,
Reminding me of my vitality and flair;
And I flow, boundless and sanguine.

-Sukanya Bhuyan

About Author

  • A postgraduate in Environmental Studies, Sukanya Bhuyan is an admirer of Nature and the Arts. She loves to write, trek, travel to new places, sketch, and paint, and occasionally indulge in poetry. She is a devout bibliophile, especially of high fantasy novels, and is deeply fascinated by Evolutionary Biology, Anthropology, and History.