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O dear mountain!
What do you hide?
I have walked all over you
Yet, nothing I could find.

What’s the deep secret?
That the world is so blind.
In your love, it comes knocking
What is it you remind?

Is it the lofty peak?
From where the dead speak.
Or is it the deep valley?
From where the thoughts sneak.

Is it the narrow winding path?
That makes one dizzy, aghast!
Or is it your stony face?
That makes alive, a past.

Is it the solace amidst your boulders?
The one that souls seek.
Or is it the caves in your bosom?
From where our ancestors speak.

Whatever it is O mountain!
That you harbor, yet I don’t find.
I know of all your glory
The great tales of your kind.

All of this is enough,
For me to toe the line. 
I too come to you like a pilgrim,
Mesmerized and Blind!

- Ankit Meena
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About Author

  • Ankit is an avid reader and a writer by interest who views life as a process of continues conquest. He is an environmental enthusiast and has a Master's degree in Environmental Studies.