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What is PRITHVI?

PRITHVI is a simulator where budding ecologists, environmentalists, researchers from various fields of science and humanities come together to find solutions which are sustainable.

PRITHVI is an opportunity to create and bring forth the solutions, ideas, and ideologies which advocate the formulation of a new system. A system which is both economically advance and ecologically sound. A system which depends upon the replenishment of natural resources as much as it depends on their extraction. A system which can create an optimized use of our lands, forests and our oceans from a new perspective instead of continuing the exploitative perspective. It is only when we take care of nature, it will take care of us. A projected population of about 9 billion by 2050 makes this idea seem a little difficult; however, this makes it all the more urgent that we progress towards a better and responsible humanity rather than becoming a human swarm eating away our own existence. 

PRITHVI is born out of necessity. Through this, we plan to take a bottom up approach, solving local issues, big and small and in turn contributing to the positive changes step by step. It is an effort to take the learning of books & scientific journals and to implement it to the real world. Our vision empowers us to start as rookie innovators until we develop ourselves and this platform into a think tank. it is about applying the knowledge produced in laboratories to the real problems in the outer world helping masses and at the same time helping the planet maintain the balance. it is a mean to an end goal which is, to conserve our natural heritage.

What is Project Prithvi?

Project prithvi is an intiative started by environmentalists to add their efforts in saving the planet. Rather than sitting on fringes and becoming mere spectators, we have decided to actively take part into the process where we can voice our opinions and try to influence policy decisions. Instead of becoming a pressure group on the governments, we have decided to make ourselves useful to the world by providing answers rather than just raising questions. we are motivated by great people and their ideologies. All the great environmentalists from the past and including the ones at present will continue to inspire us. In words of Great Indian Poet “Sirf Hungama khada karna mera maqsad nhi, soorat badalni chahiye” which  means that “creating chaos is not my purpose, change needs to come”. we abide by the stated words and look forward to carry on this project called PROJECT PRITHVI.

Our Blogs

Blogs are a great way to keep you updated with the news of the happenings in the field of environment. It is our effort, that through our blog posts we keep your conscience awake and your morale high. we try to incorporate all the negatives and positives to give you a thorough understanding on the subject. This is a part of our larger vision to educate masses on the environment so that we can create not just educated but better human beings.

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We are guided by our conscience. We are not born ecologists or environmentalists or innovators, but we are in the process of becoming. Our dreams are high and we will match them with our efforts.

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